“So much of the human experience in business is superficial and transactional. We were so encouraged to see God working in the lives of other people. This challenged me to be more fully engaged with everyone I meet and to care for others more and to see my time at work as being ripe with opportunity to share the Love of God. Network with a group of people who Love God and are passionate about serving Him by making the marketplace a more genuine and meaningful place.”

Jason Bouwman
Compass Creative Inc, Stoney Creek Ontario

“If you had bigger questions about your company, how it’s running and how you want it to be, then this is a great place to start. They can help you with the tough questions that can help you to move into the direction you want to go…”

Mark Hofstee 
Rammik Renovations
Guelph Ontario 

“I bet my life on the fact that if you have never had a business coach because you are saying “I don’t need one” or “what can they do any different then what I am already doing…then that right there is your first problem. This road gets so much better because they travel with you.”

Sara Bergsma
Bergsma Paint & Décor, 
Milton Ontario

“…People are often lonely in their work…Leadership development really happens intentionally. It doesn't really happen by osmosis. If you want to be well coached, well mentored, well led go to Pete & Chip and they will lead you through a process that is very effective to build your own company, your own strength, your own knowledge base as a Christian business leader.”

Keith Knight 
Director Canadian Christian Business Federation

"We have been in the business in for over 40 years. There have been challenges over the years with ups and downs. I am getting a little older and I realize the more I am in the business , the more I need to realize that God is working with me in the business. Looking to slowly extricate myself from the business and need to find a way to do this and that is where I have come to know Pete & Chip and engage them to help me and my wife to determine how to get out of this business.”

Clarence Wigboldus
Flying Dutchman Cleaners & Nika Sales

 “If I was to look back on how things have improved for me, in ways that I would have never thought possible, I suppose the biggest thing that I’ve received in all of this is the mentorship.

“And that’s because of God being able to use people like Chip, like Pete, to come into the mixture, to really kind of take things and bring it together.”

 “I would say that when we first started with Chip, our best year prior to that was $550,000 in terms of gross sales...and I think about where we are now, from $550,000 to just this year we grossed just a little under $1.1 Million, so we’ve doubled in size and the reality of it is that we’re not working much more.”

“We’ve learned to hone our target to the right type of clients. And the reality of it is that we’ve also been able to attract the right type of people to want to come and work with us. We’ve developed a filter set that Chip and Pete have helped us with in order to be able to figure out who those people are, who they need to be.” 

“I don’t want to give the impression that it’s been easy, it’s been a grind – ask my wife. There have been times when it’s been really, really challenging. But there’s also times when it’s been rewarding. I work less now, I used to work 6 days, 7 days a week and now I work 5 days a week. I work from 7-5, I’m home every evening with my kids.”

“We’re going after the right people, the right clients, and we’ve got great people working for us.”

J.Morrison Roofing, Guelph Ontario

“We were so excited when Pete came in and started working with our team, and not only was he helping us to become more relational, but he was helping us to become relational in a God centered, valued way. And that was just invaluable to our teams in understanding how to talk to people, relate to people, and more importantly engage them at the heart level instead of the surface level.”

“What we’re seeing after we provide this training or encouragement for our staff is that they’re actually telling us that it worked, they’re different, they interact with people differently they have really great conversations. 

“We’re getting people coming back and saying, ‘my husband or my kids are asking me what’s different, and what’s different is that I’ve actually figured out that there’s a different way to communicate then what I learned in the world. 

“That’s one of the biggest things that we’ve seen, people really focusing in on these valuable outcomes and these enriched conversations that they’re having, not just in their work life but in their everyday life, in their friendships and in their families.”

We have recommended that some of the other teams that we work with, talk to Pete and Chip about the work that they do because they were struggling with communication problems within their teams, relational problems within their teams, but even more importantly, how do they focus on what God’s wanting them to do and not just what they think is the right thing to do.” 

Anne Yurkiv
Provides leadership to over 120 People
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