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JUNE 21ST, 2017
12 Verses To Help Reduce The Volume!


his is getting far too complicated. Where do I start? So many choices!” I was in a local pharmacy, looking to pickup some toothpaste and razor blades. In front of me were shelves… many shelves! Row after row of product, all making claims that my life will be so much better if I purchase their particular brand. We’ve all been there.


JUNE 14TH, 2017
by Wilfred Arlan Peterson


low me down, Lord.

Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind.

Steady my hurried pace.

Give me, amidst the day's confusion

The calmness of the everlasting hills.

A Deliberate Reflection:

Over the last few days, when might you have needed to slow the pounding of your heart by the quieting of your mind and then enjoy the calmness of His everlasting ways?


JUNE 7, 2017
7 Sobering Questions!


hesitate showing you these statistics. They are so very sobering. They tell the real story of leaders like you and me in the market place…..of leaders who are pastors and vocational Christian workers. These numbers tell the story of men and women who long to “do good” and yet find themselves trapped in, what seems to be, a never ending road of confusion and misdirection.”



Sara Bergsma

“I bet my life on the fact that if you have never had a business coach because you are saying “I don’t need one” or “what can they do any different then what I am already doing…then that right there is your first problem. This road gets so much better because they travel with you.”

Mark Hofstee

“If you had bigger questions about your company, how it’s running and how you want it to be, then this is a great place to start. They can help you with the tough questions that can help you to move into the direction you want to go…”
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